Site Issues

If you find yourself having and sort of technical or display issues of any sort with our site, below are three very important tips for correcting any issues you may be experiencing. As these solutions will most likely correct any issues you have, we can not guarantee them.

*If you have questions about how these changes might affect your computer, please consult a computer technician as you are responsible for implementing these suggestions.

TIP 1: Refresh Your Screen

The easiest of all “quick fixes” for a page on a site displaying incorrectly or not updating, is to simply refresh the screen. This can be done on a Mac or a PC by simply pressing the F5 key (Funtion 5), located in the top low of keys on your keyboard. If using a PC, you can also press the Control key (CTRL) plus the F5 key at the same time to do a harder refresh.

TIP 2: Use A Modern And Feature Rich Browser

Many display issues for websites are a result of out of date browsers and/or their settings. For the best Internet experience, and for the best experience of our site, we recommend that you use a more modern, secure, and feature rich browser like Firefox over browsers like Internet Explorer and others. To find out more information about the world’s best browser and to download it, simply click the “Download Now” button below.

TIP 3: Clear Your Browser’s Cookies & Cache

Cookies and Cache Defined

When browsing web sites, files are stored on your computer for later use. These files are meant to enhance your browsing experience. One example is browser cache or temporary internet files. The files are a record of images, text, or sounds from pages you’ve visited. This repository of files result in faster browsing, as often web pages we revisit contain similar files from our last visit. Rather than your computer downloading the same files again, it uses the ones stored on your computer. Another type of file is a cookie. A cookie is information specific to your visit to a web page. The cookie is used to deliver personalized content while visiting the site. For example, you might enter your zip code on a weather web page and the next time you visit that page, it automatically displays weather for your zip code.

Why Should I Clear Cookies And Cache?

Think of clearing your cookies and cache in your browser like getting an oil change in your car. You need oil in your car, but every so often you have to flush it out to keep your your car running well. Internet browsers operate the same way. You need cookies and cache but every so often you need to flush them out to keep your browser in good maintenance. Another reason for deleting these files on a regular basis is that stored files can interfere with you obtaining updated information from a website, result in browsing inconsistencies, and slow down your browsing speed over time. You are encouraged to clear your browser’s temporary files when you encounter problems accessing any site, not just ours.

One final note, always be sure to completely restart your browser after you clear your cookies and cache, as your browser will not complete this process successfully unless you do this step!

To find out how to clear your cache and/or cookies, visit the link below to view tutorials on how to do so according to your specific browser:

Click Here To View How To Clear Your Cookies & Cache